Progetto Alfa Odv

The Giovanni Bertacchi International Poetry Competition was born in 2013, from an idea of ​​the young poet Massimiliano Greco who is still the General Manager. In recent years the Prize has gained increasing relevance and prestige, involving important personalities from the literary and cultural world and obtaining important awards also from the main literary channels, which consider it one of the most important international poetry competitions. In the 2018 edition they joined poets from 79 provinces and 15 foreign countries. In addition to Italian, the languages ​​admitted to the competition are also local languages ​​as well as French, English, German, Spanish, Russian, Polish, Romanian, Dutch, Chinese (Mandarin), Turkish and Arabic. The President of the Scientific Commission is Antonio Muraca who coordinates the two juries chaired by Marina Mattei (Curator of the Capitoline Museums in Rome) and Mario De Rosa (President of the Orion Association and President of the International Prize, Morano city of art).

Progetto Alfa is a Organization that was born with the ambitious aim of improving human living conditions.

A new human renaissance is possible and Alfa symbolizes the beginning of this path.

This new action is animated, not surprisingly, by a flame.The flame of Progetto Alfa is the symbolic representation of the flame that burns in the minds of those who adhere to the project and infuses the knowledge of those values ​​that perhaps we have not completely lost completely. Progress has centralized too many powers and too many attentions towards the individual, forgetting that the same lives only by confronting society, and the latter survives on the foundations of values ​​that are the glue that holds men together with each other: beauty , solidarity, pietas, identity and dialogue.

The flame of Progetto Alfa da Rossa, the color of vital energy, of active proposal, of physical and psychological strength becomes blue symbol of the sky, of the sea of ​​metaphysics but also of purification and new knowledge. Whoever has the flame inside becomes a healthy bearer of fundamental values ​​that many had and have lost. And many others, thanks to our association, have come to know again. Knowledge is a flame that must be fed and kept day by day.

It is a duty for us to promote initiatives that are wood that vivifies this illuminating flame for our society. To resist is to know in music, art and writing. There are no barriers that can stop an idea and the wind of knowledge is the driving force of ideas against the brutality induced by the mediocre, that wind of knowledge that animates alpha project.

Progetto Alfa '' The beginning of a new beginning ''