Giovanni Bertacchi (Chiavenna, 9 February 1869 - Milan, 24 November 1942)

Le Alpi

I verdi balzi e i pascoli ridenti,
reduce pellegrino, ho riveduto;
ai ghiacci eterni, ai fiumi ed ai torrenti
ho ridato dal cuore il mio saluto.

Giovanni Bertacchi (Chiavenna, 9 February 1869 - Milan, 24 November 1942) was an Italian poet, academic and literary critic. His poetry was strongly influenced by Giovanni Pascoli, both as regards the search for metric forms, and for the characteristic taste for the descriptions of the landscape. He was a professor of Italian literature at the University of Padua from 1916 to 1938, when he voluntarily left teaching by taking a stand against fascism. He was the author of critical studies on Dante, Leopardi, Manzoni, Alfieri, Mazzini. His first and perhaps most important poetic work is the Canzoniere delle Alpi, published in 1895. Around the age of 60, in conjunction with the release of his latest collection Il perenne Tomorrow, he began to write poems in the Chiavenna dialect. These are pervaded by nostalgia for childhood and its places of origin. It is buried in the cemetery of his native Chiavenna, in a sarcophagus made by Enrico Pancera.